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At Ecliptech, we know that time is an all-important commodity. Which is why by carefully analysing your full reporting requirements before beginning to proceed with a solution, we can provide a scalable model solution that not only ticks all the boxes but exceeds your expectations.

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We also know that not one size fits all and so by using best of breed software and a combination of our own custom software we'll tailor the solution that best meets your needs. We have extensive experience in various off-the-shelf reporting tools and databases. Together with our expertise in bespoke reporting solutions built to exact requirements, we're able to get it right first time.

How Do You Keep Our Data Safe?

In fact, we don't even need to see it. We build your reporting solution using dummy data which has the added advantage of avoiding any impact on your systems and means minimal down-time. We then provide a report access system which allows your reports to be run against your live data.

Will Our Current System Be Compatible?

We build our reporting solutions in Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources. Compatible systems and data sources for Crystal Reports include databases such as Sybase, IBM DB2, Ingres, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Interbase and Oracle, spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel, text files / XML files and groupware applications such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise

Crystal Reports is designed for providing "presentation quality" reports and a report can be rerun any number of times and any changes in the data in between report runs will be automatically updated and reflected in your new report.

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