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Dashboards are a valuable tool in business intelligence, delivering visible real-time information in a readable and easy-to-understand format to users across a broad level spectrum. Designed to simplify the decision-making process and provide information crucial to achieving your goals, Dashboards provide an easy way to view your overall position at a glance and what specific factors are going to affect your objectives. The more detail that goes in, the more you can drill-down through your company infrastructure to see the complete picture.

The interactive aspect of business intelligence dashboards means that you can control the input and source of information, manipulate this information to predict the outcomes of change and consider the pro's and con's of implementing your objectives ~ All without the need to refer to the underlying source data.

Dashboards are easily published in a number of ways - most commonly via internet applications, Adobe PDF format and Microsoft Office.

Ecliptech has produced and installed dashboards for several clients that are displayed on wall mounted LCD screens so that a wealth of information can be provided to a broad spectrum of people at a single glance. This is especially helpful to Call Centre, IT Support or Dealing Staff for example.

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