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BI Cloud from Ecliptech Ltd is a new and easier way to provide you and your company with vital information quickly and efficiently.

Using a Cloud based solution saves you the often expensive and unnecessary lengthy process of creating an on-site solution for your information gathering solutions. With the EBI Cloud you are utilising Ecliptech’s hands-on experience of creating custom business intelligence solutions for companies of all sizes.

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Ecliptech has been creating custom (ETC) solutions for over ten years and we are specialist in creating a process to collect only the information required for your reporting needs. This information can be extracted from multiple sources and is always transferred with the utmost security in mind. This allows us to build a comprehensive data warehouse of all relevant information needed to provide you with stable reports on your company’s activities; without you even having to store your own data.

Depending on your specific industry, we can provide you with a standard reporting structure, although a custom solution tailored to your individual requirements will put you at a distinct advantage.

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